My faceVictor LanvinPhD student in C.S.

About Me

I am a third year PhD student in computer science at IRIF in Paris, France; under the supervision of Giuseppe Castagna. Broadly speaking, I am interested in interfacing dynamically-typed languages (such as Javascript) with strongly statically-typed languages (such as OCaml), using a technique known as gradual typing.

More precisely, I am trying to improve current gradual type systems with more powerful features such as union and intersection types, type inference, polymorphism, and much more.

Overall, I am particularly interested in programming language theory, type systems and proof theory. Moreover, I am very fond of programming, especially in OCaml. I also like to learn about various domains such as biology, cognitive science or physics.


Recently, I have been honored to be awarded the 2018 Google PhD Fellowship!

I presented our latest paper, Gradual Typing: A New Perspective, at POPL '19!